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We support many technology needs at both home and office.


We focus on fair and efficient service, simple pricing, and communicating with our customers directly and without “geek speak”.


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Services in which we focus our attention:

  • New Computer Setup and Configuration

  • Data Migrations to a New Computer

  • PC Maintenance and Optimization

  • Cable / DSL / U-Verse Internet Configuration

  • Virus Removal and Cleanup

  • Spam Filtering

  • Custom Email Configurations

  • Software Installation and Repair

  • Backup Solutions

Supported Technologies

We are skilled in many past and current hardware and software solutions

PC Support

  • Microsoft Windows – All Versions
  • Apple Macintosh OS X
  • Most common desktop applications

Network Servers

    • Microsoft Windows Server
    • Linux
    • Novell Netware

Email Services

    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Lotus Notes / cc:Mail
    • Unix / Linux Mail Servers
    • Gmail Apps / Web-based mail

Internet Connectivity

  • Home or Office Networks
  • DSL / Cable / U-Verse
  • Onsite Servers providing web hosting, email
    and file and print services.

Web Services and Hosting

We offer virtual, off-site web, email, and FTP hosting using secure and reliable Linux servers.  You’ll be able to maintain your web pages, along with email accounts and other site options via an easy to use web interface.

Migrations and Upgrades

With your specific needs and requirements, we can evaluate your computing systems and develop a cost effective plan to meet your needs via hardware and software upgrades.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Don’t loose sleep at night worrying about your valuable data. Secure and reliable backup solutions with an effective disaster recover plan are easier to execute than you may think.

Virus Protection

We can evaluate your current virus strategy to ensure you are protected from any future threats of virus. We can also recommend virus solutions of different protection levels if you are not currently protected.

The advent of wireless technologies has revolutionized the way we use our computers and internet enabled devices. Cut the cable and let Velogy assist you with setting up a wireless network or configuring devices at your home or office.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks

Wireless networks offer the freedom to stay connected easily while at home or work, and simplify the process of adding new device to your network.  We can install a wireless network in your home or office to allow secure, password protected access from your computers and portable devices.  We will use the existing hardware from your internet service provider if possible, or assist you in acquiring the necessary hardware.  We can also work with you to create any custom networking configuration needed for your environment.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, along with the many Android powered smartphones and tablets have changed the way we connect and communicate. We are experienced with these devices, and can help with the setup and customization necessary to allow you to get the most from them. We can also help with in car services such as GPS navigation, hands free or bluetooth setups and methods to assist in keeping your family safe by limiting texting while driving.

We never forget about the “customer” in customer support.  We’ll stick with you until the problem is solved.